Philosophy of Treatment for Drug Addiction

Philosophy of Treatment for Drug AddictionSobriety is the sole goal in every treatment centers. Classically the priority of the treatment for addiction is addressing the problems at both physical as well as psychological level. It is mandatory to present a comprehensive treatment making the highest tier of efforts. Usually the addicts suffer from determining the priorities in their life. They were so much obsessed and involved in acquiring the substance Continue reading

Goal Setting – Why Persistence Isn’t Always the Answer

Goal Setting - Why Persistence Isn't Always the AnswerWhat are some of the essential qualities necessary to become successful? If, like me, you’ve spent a good deal of time reading ‘how to be successful’ books, you will recognize that most of them list traits and personal attributes shared by most successful people. Some of these are; desire, goal oriented, commitment, decisiveness, definiteness of purpose, focus, and several others. You will also find the word Continue reading

The Truth About Addiction Support Groups

The Truth About Addiction Support GroupsHarmful substances contain in any alcoholic beverages make the life of addicts miserable. They are suffering from both physical and mental problems that require treatment. Treating physical damages, you can opt for detoxification, medication or hypnotherapy. However, when it comes to mental damages, it needs more than a treatment, counseling and support. Joining one of the several Continue reading

Leaders Must Be Organized

Leaders Must Be OrganizedNo matter how well trained, how well one plans, or how well meaning someone may, there is never any guarantee that his plans will work at as he intends. A leader may have nearly all the necessities of leadership, and have been educated and trained comprehensively and effectively, but if that individual lacks organization, he rarely can be nearly as effective as he should be. Effective Continue reading

What If You Were 5?

What If You Were 5?Attempting to set and achieve goals under stress and worry doesn’t work.

If the words in your head are saying something like, “I really have to have $5,000 before the end of July or I won’t have the tuition to send Mary to College! What on earth is going to happen if I don’t get it? I reallllly need it, I better set a goal quickly and hope and pray that it turns up”, Continue reading

Inner Growth Through Acceptance and Change

Inner Growth Through Acceptance and ChangeMany people are familiar with the beginning of The Serenity Prayer, which reads:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

This prayer became popular and widely known when it was adopted by Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1950s, and later by other 12-Step programs. It continues to guide Continue reading