Goal Setting – Embrace the Good Side of Selfishness – Tips From a Life Coach

Goal Setting - Embrace the Good Side of Selfishness - Tips From a Life CoachLife coaches agree, there is no way that you will ever set or achieve you most inspiring goals if you do not take the time to care for yourself, to develop your talents into strengths, to communicate your wants, to say no, and to build a reserve that will generously overflow and positively affect others. You must apply and leverage your resources of energy, time and talent in order to create the life you most Continue reading

The First Quarter Is Over – How Did Your New Year’s Resolution Turn Out?

The First Quarter Is Over - How Did Your New Year's Resolution Turn Out?The first quarter of the year has passed; are you still on track with your resolution? By now the excitement and momentum has likely passed, yet you still have tasks you would like to accomplish and goals you want to reach. It’s not too late; as a matter of fact, this is a perfect time to regroup and start fresh. For many, winter is a sluggish time of the year when energy is low and motivation is scarce; Continue reading

Perseverance Determines Success

Perseverance Determines SuccessWhen most of think about what it takes to become successful, we generally create a list that includes numerous traits and talents, skills and abilities. However, regardless of how skilled we are, how intelligent we may be, and even how well prepared we have positioned ourselves, unless we stick to it, and persist when others no longer do, we will dramatically reduce any chances of success. This consistence Continue reading

Goals Are a Fingerprint

Goals Are a FingerprintGoals help us maximize our success. Napoleon Hill, one of the Grandfathers of personal development said, “Goals are anything we want to do, be, have, or achieve.” This is a very broad statement. But it covers goals perfectly! The great thing about goals is that there is not just one kind of goal. No two goals are alike. Sure, you and the person next to you may want to earn Continue reading

Philosophy of Treatment for Drug Addiction

Philosophy of Treatment for Drug AddictionSobriety is the sole goal in every treatment centers. Classically the priority of the treatment for addiction is addressing the problems at both physical as well as psychological level. It is mandatory to present a comprehensive treatment making the highest tier of efforts. Usually the addicts suffer from determining the priorities in their life. They were so much obsessed and involved in acquiring the substance Continue reading

Goal Setting – Why Persistence Isn’t Always the Answer

Goal Setting - Why Persistence Isn't Always the AnswerWhat are some of the essential qualities necessary to become successful? If, like me, you’ve spent a good deal of time reading ‘how to be successful’ books, you will recognize that most of them list traits and personal attributes shared by most successful people. Some of these are; desire, goal oriented, commitment, decisiveness, definiteness of purpose, focus, and several others. You will also find the word Continue reading