Leadership’s Relation to Trust

Leadership's Relation to TrustThroughout history, there have been larger than life figures such as George Washington, who led his young fractured nation’s army into a battle for independence. Corporate titans such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Steve Jobs have led the employees and shareholders of their organizations to financial success, while others like you and I have used our influence to lead family and friends to make Continue reading

Mental Conditioning For The New Year

Mental Conditioning For The New YearIt’s that time of year when most people make those dreaded New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year. It is also that time of year which frustrates 90+% of the population because they don’t follow-through with those resolutions. What are the top 3 New Year’s resolutions? Stop smoking, lose weight, and more exercise! Which one or ones did you make?

Why do we fall Continue reading

7 Tips to Keeping New Year Resolutions!

7 Tips to Keeping New Year Resolutions!New Year Resolutions! We make ’em, and then we break ’em. Did you know that 2008 is a beginning year of a 9 year cycle in numerology? This is a great time to make some changes. However, many of us have grand ideas about personal change, only to find that it is all forgotten by the second weekend of January. Here are my suggestions to setting successful New Year resolutions.

First Continue reading

What Causes Alcoholism – How Did This Happen to Me?

What Causes Alcoholism - How Did This Happen to Me?When you are afflicted with alcohol addiction and find yourself unable to stop drinking, you have to wonder what caused the alcoholism to begin with and how did I ever get into this situation/mess I can’t get out of? How did I become an alcoholic?

That’s the million dollar question.

It can’t be stressed enough that you must ignore this contention that alcoholism is simply Continue reading

What Defines Excellent Strategic Planning?

What Defines Excellent Strategic Planning?People make plans every day, but most of them do not involve matters that could shape the success of a company. For that type of planning, an organized approach that leads to productive result is essential. Otherwise, the future of the company and the planners could be in doubt. When businesspeople gather for a planning session, they must know what defines a good plan. According to group facilitation Continue reading

Why Goals Fail – New Research

Why Goals Fail - New ResearchThere are two reasons why goals fail or we give up trying to achieve a specific goal. When I first learnt this, I knew I finally found the Holy Grail of goal achievement.

The first reason is the “Brick Wall”. Often if we make an attempt or several attempts at achieving a goal, we can hit what they call, a Brick Wall. That is often the main reason for failed goals. Too many failed attempts at reaching Continue reading

Obstacle or Opportunity? You Choose How You See It

Obstacle or Opportunity? You Choose How You See ItEvery time you set a personal or professional goal, you are going to come up against obstacles. It would not be a goal for you if this were not the case as, simply put, if there were no obstacles, we would just go out and get the thing we wanted; there would be no need to set a goal! Obstacles will be there. And the bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacles are going to be that will get in your way.

What Continue reading