Qualities of a Leader Part 2

Qualities of a Leader Part 2As humans we have been gifted with an amazing quality that enables us to absorb the best and filter out the rest. Naturally we are all created the same. It is how we are molded and guided through our life that decides our destiny. So, although there may be some who are born leaders, there are many more who develop the skill over time.

To be a good leader, you need Continue reading

What Exactly Is Meth Addiction?

What Exactly Is Meth Addiction?As of today, Meth is the most abused hard drug on the planet. Methamphetamine abuse is now considered to be a worldwide epidemic. There are approximately 26 million Meth addicts worldwide, which is twice the number of cocaine and heroin addicts combined.

When Meth is taken into the body, large surges of dopamine are released in the brain, causing an intense rush of pleasure Continue reading

The Sheen or Shine Factor

The Sheen or Shine FactorWhat can Tiger Woods and Charlie Sheen teach us about leadership and life?

They are both highly skilled and competent at their craft. Until November 2009 Tiger Woods epitomized impeccable discipline, honor and integrity, and unquestionable dedication to excellence. Thanksgiving night his life and reputation came crashing down literally and figuratively. He admitted his transgressions, Continue reading

How Leaders MAKE Others More Comfortable

How Leaders MAKE Others More ComfortableFor better or worse, most of us are encapsulated in our own, personal comfort zone, and often restrict our activities to things that fall within these artificially set limits. When referring to a leader, or followers, nearly everyone behaves in this manner. Therefore, smart leaders not only expand their own comfort zone, but seek to do likewise to those they serve, by making others feel as comfortable Continue reading

Set and Achieve Goals – 3 Things to Avoid 3 Things to Do

Set and Achieve Goals - 3 Things to Avoid 3 Things to Do“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.”

~Fitzhugh Dodson

3 Things to Avoid

Vagueness – As long as a goal is hazy and fuzzy then there is no chance of you achieving it. When you do not have your target clearly defined then you don’t have a goal. You will start, stop and eventually move on to something else. It is a mistake to settle Continue reading

Goal Setting For The First Minute Of The Month

Goal Setting For The First Minute Of The MonthGoals are the most powerful modality of achievement. So, all I can say about using power correctly is: “Start now.” For “later” is for every loser that ever lived. Think about this for a moment before you go on with this article. Now is the point of power, if it was not, then the poor house would be filled with gold now, to spend later and the rich would not be enjoying theirs now. Losing and winning happen Continue reading